Fast on land and on water, rapid in transition.


Capable of typical highway speeds on land and 30mph+ on water. Seconds in between.

High performance on land and on water.

The Humdinga illustrates the scalability and versatility of High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology. Developed specifically to access remote destinations, Humdinga transitions from land to water in seconds. At a touch of a button the wheels retract and the power train transfers from 4WD to GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA twin jet propulsion system for on-water use. Humdinga, fast on land and on water. Rapid in transition.

Technical highlights

300 hp
  • Engine
    300hp Diesel (petrol engine options available)
  • Propulsion Type (marine)
    Twin GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA Water Jets with reversing buckets.
    11.5 inch/292.5 mm diameter impellers
  • Payload/Occupants
    1653lb/750kg or six (6) people including crew
  • Basic Configuration
    3 seats and modular payload bay
  • Fuel Capacity
    52.8 gallons/200 litres
  • Range
    Combined 100mi on water and 100mi on land
  • Lights
    Marine & Road. Navigational /mast lighting
  • Towing
    Front & rear recovery/mooring points
  • Operating Conditions at Sea
    Full operational in sea state 2: 0.1 to 0.5m.
    Maintain plane speeds in sea state 3: 0.5 to 1.25m
    Maintain headway in sea state 4: 1.25 to 2.5m
  • Land Speed
    Typical Highway Speeds
  • Water Speed
    30mph +
  • Suspension (land)
    Coil over springs and dampers
  • Suspension Retraction
    GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA Technology
  • Steering Type (land)
    Rack and pinion power assist
  • Brakes (land)
    Hydraulically operated discs
  • Drive Layout (land)
    Permanent 4WD
  • Curb Weight Base
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Hull
    GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA Technology Carbon Fibre
  • Overall length
  • Overall width
  • Overall height
  • Wheelbase
  • Track width
  • Ground Clearance
  • Transition approach angle
    25 degrees
  • Transition departure angle
    16 degrees
  • Draft
  • Transition Depth

Dimensions and specifications correct at time of publishing.

Power Train

Humdinga is a full-time 4WD Amphitruck powered by a 300BHP turbo diesel engine. It is capable of highway speeds on land and over 30mph on water. With the touch of a button Humdinga transitions between land and water in seconds. On water Humdinga utillizes GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA twin water jet propulsion technology. Humdinga was developed to access remote destinations and has robust marine, highway and off-road performance.

incorporating HSA technology


One of the most significant GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA technologies incorporated in Humdinga, is the wheel retracting system. It gives superb ride and handling on land and retracts, when on the water, all four wheels out of the water flow stream, reducing drag. The complete transition, a single button transformation between land and marine modes, takes seconds. The wheels decouple from the drive line when retracted on water. Sensors detect when the Amphitruck is waterborne and will not allow retraction on land.


GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA jet units are lighter and more compact than traditional marine industry water jets and provide high levels of thrust and maneuverability at low speeds and reverse while providing power to cruise at planing speeds. Utilizing twin GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA water jet technology GIBBS Amphitrucks are propelled to planing speed in seconds.


Incorporating GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA technology, GIBBS Amphitruck hulls are a strong, durable and lightweight all-composite structure. The hull is designed to be aerodynamic to optimize on land performance and is hydro dynamically engineered to ensure maximum maneuverability and directional stability on water in displacement and planing modes. Two principle elements, an internal structural frame and the top deck, combine with the hull to provide an integrated body structure, ensuring complete structural compliance for on-road and on-water demands. Using Finite Element Analysis, the GIBBS Amphitruck hull form and construction is an optimized amphibian structure rather than a compromise between on-land and on-water performance.

concept applications

GIBBS Amphitrucks continues to innovate and explore the potential of the versatile Humdinga platform. Research and development is currently underway adapting the base configuration for recreational uses and specialist professional applications.